EDL Weekender: Brunch, Alté Lagos & LCA Film Festival

EAT: Brunch @ Nylahs

NOSA: I’ve seen good things about Chef Nylah in the internet so when I heard she was getting her own spot, my interest got piqued big time. She opens tomorrow so it’s our weekend to-do.

FOLLY: YAY! And I thought I didn't have any exciting weekend plans.


DRINK: Jazzhole

NOSA: Now, there isn’t anything particularly special to drink at Jazzhole. It’s your regular coffee shop fare. What’s special is the entire vibe of the place. 

FOLLY: Record store meets bookstore meets coffee shop. 

NOSA: Jazzhole is a precious little spot that feels like it doesn’t belong here. Doesn’t belong on Awolowo for sure, I know that much.

FOLLY: Yeah, as a result, they have the worst parking situation ever.

NOSA: Lagos doesn’t deserve this quaint little cafe meets bookstore, but it’s here. For that, I’m supremely grateful. 


LAGOS*: Lights Camera Africa (Music Makes the People) 

LCA 2016.png

EMEKA: Enjoy 23 Films. From 14 Countries all for Free! Can't wait to see the Lagos premiere of "Green White Green", "Gidi Blues" on Saturday & the "Amazing Nina Simone" on Sunday. 

Date: September 30, 2016 - October 2, 2016
Fee: Open to All
Festival Schedule:  http://lightscameraafrica.com/programme/
Location: Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

* Curated by NothingToDoInLagos.com

EDL Taste Test: Coldstone vs. Ice Cream Factory

FOLLY: My sister is the biggest ice cream lover I've ever known. She's a full grown adult and can eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and the only reason she doesn't is because "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips". That said, ice cream lovers like herself often hold very strong beliefs on who has better ice cream between Coldstone and Ice Cream Factory (ICF). She, my sister, will fight you to the death that Coldstone is better. I have no such strong opinions, in fact, I don't normally eat ice cream, but we thought this would be a fun taste test so Nosa and I did it for a good cause. 


coldstone eatdrinklagos 4.jpg

FOLLY: Since Coldstone refuses to EVER have the smallest cup size available and forces you to go a size up, ICF is de facto cheaper. A single scoop is N500 at ICF and at Coldstone the medium size is N1000.

NOSA: It's basically the same thing. Double scoop at ICF = Medium at Coldstone



coldstone eatdrinklagos 3.jpg

FOLLY: Neither of them tasted like vanilla ice cream.

NOSA: I thought they both did to some degree. 

FOLLY: I highly doubt there was any vanilla bean in this, or maybe they used Foster Clark's vanilla extract.

NOSA: Or maybe I've forgotten how vanilla tastes.

FOLLY: Coldstone's, for some reason, tasted like malted milk and for that reason alone I preferred it. 



coldstone eatdrinklagos 1.jpg

FOLLY: Coldstone's ice cream is a lot softer, and that maybe because of how they scoop it out with two scoops and press it into each other and roll. It could also be a factor of the temperature at which they store it.  

NOSA: Might be related, but I think this explains why ICF's melts faster. I think I got a B in WAEC Chemistry so I know what I'm saying.



coldstone eatdrinklagos 2.jpg

FOLLY: I could tell them apart.

NOSA: Easily, if I must add.

FOLLY: it was that hint of malt in the Coldstone that made it stand out to me. 

NOSA: For me, ICF had this really milky thing to it in the aftertaste. I hate milk with all my soul so I could definitely tell them apart.



FOLLY: Both are basically churned milk as there was no vanilla flavor, but if I still had to choose which I preferred, I'd go with Coldstone. 

NOSA: Vanilla is probably the worst way to decide, to be fair.

FOLLY: Ehh, I think it's a good way to evaluate. Vanilla is quite simple and at the same time very easy to mess up if you use dodgy vanilla.

Coldstone vs Ice Cream Factory
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Chef Benedict Is Hosting #GoodFood Night At Browns Cafe This Friday

NOSA: Chef Benedict, our last Lunch Club host and all round amazing guy, is hosting #GoodFood Night at Browns Cafe tomorrow.

FOLLY: He usually just does private dinners so this is a special opportunity to try his food. 

NOSA: If you have no clue who Benedict is, well, he made us squid ink pasta and it was amazing. So yeah, we can vouch for him. 

FOLLY: And he was at our festival too. 

NOSA: For 10k, Benedict is serving up a 4-course Italian dinner. If you have no plans for Friday, you should definitely pencil this in. #TreatYourself2016 is in full effect, friends.

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.06.37 AM.png

FOLLY: I don't know about #TreatYourself2016 but I do subscribe to #TreatYourselfFridays. 10k might seem a lot initially but for a four-course meal, I definitely think it's a good deal. 

NOSA: To RSVP, email vi@browns-cafe.com or follow @brownscafelagos on Instagram for more deets.


La Cour Is As Safe As It Gets

La Cour

33 Glover Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

01 761 0200

NOSA: I drive past La Cour, almost everyday, on my to work and it has never really occurred to me to check out.

FOLLY: It’s not on my daily route but I’ve noticed that sign so many times.

NOSA: And for someone that complains about Casa Lydia so much, you’d think I would’ve checked it out, right? Oh, well. It’s pretty interesting how La Cour doesn’t come up in conversations about Ikoyi hotels. Maybe it’s just my circle, but considering how many philandering men I know, it should’ve.  

FOLLY: Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

NOSA: Despite the pretty noticeable sign on the outside, La Cour is pretty discreet and the clientele is mostly of the expat variety. 

FOLLY: Clearly it’s not discreet for you and your cohorts’ philandering activities. Or do you just prefer the Moorhouse?

NOSA: It might be for expats only tbh. Speaking of, there was this Nigerian, I think, lady sitting beside us. Listening to her flawlessly go from pidgin to Portuguese with her lunch dates blew my mind completely. There are lots of bilingual Nigerians out there, but the ones fluent in non-Nigerian languages wash me so much. I digress

FOLLY: I have a university degree to prove that I once could, but I’m so upset that I currently cannot speak French to save my life. That said; don’t try to sell me in French because I’ll understand everything. Okay, let’s get on with this review.

La Cour Seafood Platter

NOSA: The most expensive thing on the menu was the Seafood Platter, which we got to share. At ~8k, the platter is a good 4/5k more expensive than the next most expensive thing on the menu. 

NOSA: Our food took the longest time to get to us. About an hour, if my memory isn’t dodgy. I’d be lying if I said the wait was worth it, unfortunately.

FOLLY: The bread rolls and water helped


NOSA: The Seafood Platter was a bit boring. I expected it to be a lot unhealthier. That’s a thing, right?

FOLLY: I really should have vetoed this decision. At first, I was against it but Nosa was quite curious about it so I caved.

NOSA: Boring isn’t something I should hold against the platter because it was properly made and tasted well enough. It’s not you, it’s me, Seafood Platter. It’s me. 

FOLLY:  While I don’t think the calamari was properly made, everything else gets a pass.

NOSA: I got the Chicken Schnitzel as my starter. 

La Cour Chicken Schnitzel 2

FOLLY: I got the Spaghetti Bolognese (because it was the only non-white sauce option)


NOSA: A little confession here, I had no idea what a schnitzel was before I ordered it. Don’t judge me.

FOLLY: Me neither. I’d only heard of it from a German friend and for that reason, I imagined it to be some sort of Bratwurst contraption.

La Cour Chicken Schnitzel

NOSA: On first sight, I’d say it’s a lot like an escalope. According to Quora,

Schnitzel is the German word for a meat that is pounded flat, breaded, and fried.

Escalope is the French term for a meat that is pounded flat, breaded, and cooked.

The one minor difference is that escalope need not necessarily be fried, though it usually is.

So yeah....

As for the rest of my plate, the mash was bit clumpy and I didn’t like it much.

FOLLY: It tasted like it had little balls on couscous tossed in along with the potatoes.

NOSA: I should have gone with the fries instead. If you come here, please get the fries instead so you’re not disappointed like me. 


FOLLY: My spaghetti was spaghetti and the sauce wasn’t corned beef, so I’ll say they already did better than 90% of Lagos restaurants. On the whole, a solid 7/10.

NOSA: Lots of description there, young grasshopper.


NOSA: It’s nothing spectacular, but for the price, it’s pretty good. Another restaurant/hotel would overcharge for the same order

*looking at you, Intercontinental*

FOLLY: While the prices are exclusive of VAT & service charge, it is still good value for money even when they ring it all up.

NOSA: If you aren’t particularly adventurous and you’re in the Ikoyi area, this is not a bad option. A lot safer than going to the awful Casa Lydia or the inconsistent Samantha’s Bistro. 



Schnitzel – N3150

Seafood Platter – N7500

Spaghetti Bolognese – N2550



It's a hotel, there's parking. 

Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXI

Subject: Suggestions for Doughnuts/ Cupcakes

Message: Hi,

I am considering getting a pack of cupcakes or doughnuts for a friend on her birthday. She likes them so much. Can you recommend any good maker that would also be able to deliver to her office.

Thanks a lot
— B.O.

NOSA: I had a bite of her stuff at our last festival so I think you should give Vanilla BakeHouse a shot. 

FOLLY: I've been wanting to check out their donuts because they look really good on Instagram. 

Subject: Mexican and Indian

Message: Hi guys. So I and a couple of friends usually go on restaurant treks. We want something new this time so can you please suggest good Indian food, Mexican food and any other random unusual place for us to try. Budget of about 10-15k per restaurant for 2-3 people. Also can u alert us about places whose prices are not Vat inclusive in your reviews going forward.
— Jennifer I

NOSA: Indian - Spice, Sherlaton, Viceroy; Mexican - Bottles, Crossroads

FOLLY: For the wild card option, I'd say Syrian Club.

Subject: First year anniversary

Message: Hello,my wedding anniversary is comin up next month and d hubbs and i will b havn a nyt stay at orientals.pls can u suggest a nyc restaurant with a nyc view and ambiance dat we cld dress up too and has a romantic atmosphere too.thnk u
— Bii

NOSA: Aww congratulations. For something dress up and with a view, I’d go with Sky Lounge in Eko Hotel or Uptown in Avenue Suites. If a view isn’t particularly important, Talindo.

FOLLY: I agree with Nosa, the view at Uptown is spectacular. If you're keen on Chinese food, RED is another option. 

Subject: Where to go

Message: Hello Guys,

Been reading ur blog now for ages. I want to take my girlfriend out this weekend and i need your advice on where to take her, budget is like 10k. she likes good food. i usually invite her over and cook (am good like that). but i want to do something different.

please help.
— M